Selling on the Web – Internet Marketing Introduction

How can you guarantee traffic to your website? Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) marketing is a great, cost effective way to bring traffic. Especially in the short term. If you are selling a product or service, chances are people start looking for it on the web… FIRST! 80%+ of product research starts on the Internet. Here is a short video explaining the basics of web advertizing.

Web Advertising

*Note that there are other ways to advertize on the web also. These include banner ads, lead generation, content advertizing and also some guerrilla marketing tactics like hustle! You can do a lot to promote your product just by being active in your industry and participating in conversations on the web. These include social media applications like facebook, linkedin, yelp, foursquare and industry specific forums and discussion boards.

In Our Toolshed

Our Team uses Basecamp for project managment, Adwords for PPC advertizing, Analytics for yup... you guessed it, Belle Portraits for Photography, Media Temple for Hosting, Jaguar PC for Hosting, Wordpress (almost exclusively) for Content Managment, and Google Partners for our customers advertizing needs!