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GetDucks.com Redesign

The Client: GetDucks.com

Ramsey Russell has built a large compendium of website information all related to duck hunting and is recognized as one of the the foremost duck hunters in the world. He hosts duck hunts all around the globe, as well as at local outfitters in the U.S. and Canada. His success has propelled him into the spotlight and he is currently fully booked for two years, has a successful podcast, and is a recognized authority on duck hunting. Ramsey came to Nuzu initially because he needed help with SEO. After consulting with Travis, he determined he needed a complete website redesign.

Nuzu Solutions

After consulting with Travis, Ramsey determined that in addition to SEO services, he needed a complete website redesign. Through a collaborative process and two site redesigns, Nuzu built Ramsey the website he was searching for. The new website design featured several new sections and improved programming with comprehensive SEO. Nuzu also continues to monitor SEO and integrate features for SEO, making this massive website navigable while continuing improving rankings for hundreds of phrases.

Ramsey already had a huge amount of expert content which was not being monetized. As an answer, Travis moved the site more toward an encyclopedia-style, establishing Ramsey’s site as a leading authority on information and resources for duck hunters around the world. His website began ranking higher than ever before and he continued to seek advice and strategies from Travis. Another solution offered by Nuzu was how to create value from Ramsey’s podcast. Nuzu determined a method of transcribing the podcast into text and turning them into website pages with tags and other identifying features. This enabled users to search and find information on a variety of duck hunting topics. Ramsey was thrilled with the results all the way around, and Nuzu and Ramsey continue to work together to creatively display and monetize even more features on the site! Ramsey’s expertise in the field of hunting and ducks around the globe is now readily available and Ramsey is thriving as a known Personality and recognizable brand in the realm of duck hunting.

Technologies Employed

  • HTML
  • Java Script
  • CSS
  • Flipbook
  • Newsletter sign up
  • Custom theme WordPress design 
  • Custom built programming for each section of the website: International Hunts, US/Canada Hunts, eCommerce, Duck Species Information, Podcast Integration
  • SEO monitoring, ranking, integrations

A Word from Ramsey Russell – GetDucks.com

Travis has been an invaluable consultant, not just for getting the website to show up and sell more effectively but to also give us additional ideas on how to monetize and strategically build out the brand of Ramsey Russell. I cannot recommend Travis and his team highly enough! Travis always has an answer for our questions and if he doesn’t, he will find the best solution or recommendation, which is why I continue in our working partnership. I look forward to all that will come from our effective collaboration. 

A Note from Travis with Nuzu Marketing

Working with Ramsey and Anita has been an absolute pleasure! We have successfully redesigned the site with the users in mind so that we can guarantee traffic to the site for the long-term. It has been fantastic to work with Ramsey because he has hundreds of ideas and is always thinking about the next thing. That’s inspiring and invigorating for us and we are excited to see what else we create together! 

Travis Finseth

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