USLegal, Inc Design, Monetization & Programming


To help the general public with simplified legal information and after developing the understanding that content is king on the internet, Uslegal management decided to build an online legal portal that would answer many of the questions posed by individuals when dealing with life’s various situations – many of which had legal ramifications that either went unaddressed or were handled improperly.

Travis (when employed as the CTO of Uslegal) designed and developed the website using the wordpress MU platform, usability/accessibility standards and Web 2.0 development practices. The site quickly gained authority and momentum through the creation of valuable content, search engine optimization and measurement through analytics. and it’s hundreds of sub domains now receive more than 500,000 unique visitors a month. The site is monetized through content network advertising direct firm advertising and affiliate marketing. and sub domains now comprise more than 600,000 pages of content.

Company background

Uslegal Inc is an online legal service and content provider. The website provides a wealth of information about different legal areas. It is a consumer focused site developed to answer legal questions, generate traffic and awareness about USLegal and it’s products and services.

Frank Edens, CEO USLegal, Inc“I hired Travis into our organization as a web developer and soon promoted him to be the chief technology officer because of his ability to combine design with technology. He is very good at making technology choices that best fit business requirements.For he provided a platform where we could disseminate valuable content while at the same time monetizing that content to the fullest extent possible. “

– Frank Edens
Principal, USLegal, Inc


Services provided

  • Web design
  • Branding
  • Custom programming
  • Conversion optimization
  • Split testing
  • A/B testing
  • Mega site Search engine optimization
  • Persona development
  • Target audience evaluation
  • Market research
  • Monetization
  • Affiliate marketing

Technology employed

  • WordPress for content management
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Google Adsense

A word from Travis on the project

Travis Finseth

“Developing the domain was a lot of work, but it was well worth the time and effort. We were able to provide so much valuable information to our target audience.  It also provided the business with a stable platform and a lead generation machine that can be used to market in so many different ways. It also created a new significant revenue stream.

I really enjoyed the process of design, development measurement and monetization. I learned a ton through this process and am able to use this knowledge on a daily basis for Nuzu customers.”

Travis Finseth

Travis Finseth is the owner of Nuzu Net Media, a full service digital marketing agency in Jackson, MS. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin, but more typically at home with the beautiful wife and three kids... or on the basketball or volleyball court. More about Travis...

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