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The Client: Watkins & Company CPAs

Watkins and Company CPAs have the expertise and experience to help clients become financially successful. Providing accounting, tax, and business consulting services for the past 30 years, Watkins offers one of the best CPA experiences in Mississippi. Hundreds of businesses and people trust Watkins and Company to improve their businesses, their finances, and their lives. It’s the goal of Watkins and Company to be a partner in business success with their clients, providing stellar business accounting services, payroll services, Quickbooks, business and personal tax planning and preparation as well as business consulting and business start-up planning. With experienced and highly-skilled CPAs, Watkins and Company brings a high level of expertise in personal and business finance and maintains state and federal certifications and licenses.

Nuzu’s Solutions for Watkins & Co

Watkins & Co has now been a Nuzu customer for over ten years. During that time, Nuzu has completed a large variety of web development and services to keep Watkins & Co at the forefront of their field. 

Over ten years ago, Mark Knight, owner of Watkins & Co, reached out to Nuzu in hopes of developing a web presence and reaching more potential clients. The first step was a custom WordPress website design, specific to Watkins’ specific needs and aesthetics. The next stage of web services was a comprehensive SEO focus which is what truly put Watkins & Co on the map. Nuzu’s SEO, lead generation, and Google My Business efforts were such a success that Watkins & Co was able to expand and open their second branch in Madison, MS. 

After a few years of rapid growth, Watkins was ready to take on even more and they came to Nuzu once again to begin a paid advertising campaign. Nuzu’s digital marketing techniques were so successful that they have stuck with Nuzu and Google Ads ever since. Nuzu continues to provide Watkins and Co with web services such as job postings, site updates, advertising, and any other web needs, in order to stay current in the world of the web.

Technology & Features

  • Custom WordPress website design
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Landing pages

Advertising & Marketing

  • Lead form creation
  • Lead generation
  • Google My Business listing and integration
  • Google Ads campaign

A Word from Watkins

Mark Knight, owner of Watkins & Co

We’ve been beyond happy with Travis’ services and have consulted him repeatedly over the years with a wide range of web and marketing questions. Travis has always had the right answers that have resulted in success for us as a business. Watkins & Co has gained our stellar reputation thanks to our hard work and expertise, combined with a successful web and digital marketing package from Nuzu. We have consistently recommended Travis and his team to our colleagues, clients, and friends, and we will continue to do so. We give Nuzu our highest recommendation to anyone who needs a website or digital marketing. 

– Mark Knight, Principal Watkins and Company

A Note from Nuzu

Watkins has been a great client to work with! We deeply value our professional partnership and continued concerted efforts. We have had a great working relationship and look forward to continuing our web services and work together. 

Not only do we value Mark and his team as clients but we also use their exceptional services as our business accounting firm. They are professional, reliable, very good at what they do, and truly live up to the motto of “CPAs with a personal approach.” I have recommended them personally to other people and plan to continue to do so in the future. 

– Travis Finseth, Owner Nuzu Marketing

Visit the Watkins & Company CPAs website! 

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