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The Client: Nowell Agency

With a vast array of personal, financial, health, and business insurance packages, The Nowell Agency strategizes with clients to develop the perfect fit for each unique insurance need. Their experienced team provides insurance ideas, advice, and strategies to effectively protect business and personal interests. As one of Mississippi’s top insurance agencies, Nowell Agency’s comprehensive insurance packages provide peace of mind and complete coverage.

Nowell’s Needs & Nuzu’s Solutions

The Nowell Agency is an insurance company that has been using digital marketing for quite a while. They are a cutting edge insurance company, truly ahead of their time due to their ability to take advantage of all that the online world has to offer. To that end, they recognized the need for a change in their web services and marketing provider. Nowell Agency came to Nuzu because Nuzu provided several insights and recommendations of how SEO and their digital campaign could be improved. As a result, Nuzu took over all three brands including Nowell Agency, Business Insurance Center, and 

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SEO Driven

Nuzu completed a complete redesign of the Nowell Agency’s website, modernizing the look and feel, while making the site’s many resources more accessible and improving ease-of-use for clients. After exploring analytics and insight tools, Nuzu found that many core changes were required for the Nowell Agency’s website, primarily in the area of SEO (search engine optimization). The Nuzu team thus completed a deep dive SEO audit, ultimately fixing core SEO issues and improving the site’s performance. Next, Nuzu tackled a redesign on the Business Insurance Center site, along with the same SEO audit and adjustments. Another element of change included improvements in Local SEO for Nowell’s seven locations, as well as National SEO for Business Insurance Center. 

Technologies Employed

  • Custom word press site design
  • HTML
  • Java script
  • CSS
  • Newsletter signup
  • Lead generation
  • Live Chat

Advertising & Marketing

  • Rebuilt Google Ad campaign 
  • FB Ads campaign
  • Newsletter services and advertising
  • Drip campaigns
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A Word from Nowell Agency

Mike Nowell shares about his experience working with Nuzu.

“Travis has proven that he is one of the best, if not THE best, digital marketer in Mississippi. We have seen an increase in leads at a lower cost since switching to Nuzu in all of our brands. We could not be more pleased with the website redesigns, the advertising and marketing changes, and the overall improvement that has come from switching over to Nuzu for our digital marketing services. Travis and his team have been approachable and proactive to our needs throughout this process.
I can honestly say that our decision to employ NUZU has created a positive result in our sales.”

A Note from Nuzu

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Mike and Brad. These guys really know insurance and have a good handle on the metrics that make their business successful. We have been really happy to assist and improve their digital marketing strategy and campaigns. Thank you for this opportunity!”

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Travis Finseth

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