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The Client: The Vault

The Vault is a global car dealer specializing in classics, muscle, antiques, vintage, and exotics. Based in the southern United States, they have gained a stellar reputation based upon an unrivaled car auction experience, impeccable quality vehicles, excellent service department, and highly knowledgeable staff. 

The Vault’s Needs

The Vault needed a holistic approach to marketing, with segmented advertising targeting sellers and buyers of classic cars. Although their name is well known and reputable, The Vault was seeking to increase name brand recognition. They required a website integrated with Ecommerce that can list and sell cars, host auctions and events, and sell memorabilia. The Vault wanted to integrate Social Media, YouTube, Instagram, etc. in order to reach their full audience. The Vault already produced a lot of excellent website content and simply needed to make it work effectively for them.

Nuzu’s Solutions

Nuzu Net Media moved The Vault to Nuzu Servers and began to build out content on the website, embedding SEO along the way. To meet The Vault’s advertising needs, we continually run Google Ad and FaceBook campaigns, targeting their audience of car aficionados. Nuzu advertised for The Vault’s Hershey at Home auction, targeting worldwide car buyers and sellers. Ultimately, The Vault sold over $5 million in car inventory at this event and gained nationwide and global recognition. 

Technologies Employed

  • Custom WordPress website design with integrated ecommerce
  • Complete website redesign to capture The Vault look & feel 
  • Javascript API functionality for data feeds to FaceBook, Hemings and Retargeting campaigns
  • Custom reporting and lead management with simple CRM (daily leads spreadsheet)
  • MySQL databases
  • Unix hosting 
  • Custom queries 
  • Database speed enhancement
  • Front end website speed enchantments
  • CSS (cascading style sheets)


  • Custom built audiences for advertisement (100+ car enthusiast groups targeted)
  • Google search keyword research for Google ads 
  • SEO keyword research and targeted advertising for car buyers and sellers
  • Retargeting campaigns to increase conversion and keep awareness of events 

A Word from JD Pass, Owner of

“The Vault is so proud of what we have accomplished in the car buying and selling arena, yet our website and advertising were underperforming. We needed a website to match our high expectations and reputation, along with advertising to promote our brand worldwide. The Vault has accomplished amazing feats in the car auctioning world, has been featured in many a show, and offers an unparalleled car buying experience, yet our name is not yet a household one in the car industry. We worked with Nuzu Net Media in an attempt to meet these goals and we are now well on our way. The new website is fast, user-friendly and symbolizes high quality standards we have, and offers all the Ecommerce and media integration, as well as the usability factors that we required. The advertising campaign has proceeded smoothly and we have garnered many new leads and new clients from the targeted advertising. Overall, our work with Nuzu has enabled our business to become more efficient and successful. We are extremely satisfied with the progress we have made and continue to make through our partnership with Travis & his team.”

– JD Pass

A Note From Travis Finseth – Owner @ Nuzu

“The Vault project was one of the most complicated, and customized development projects Nuzu has worked on. After working with the client for several months, the results have been fantastic. We’re thrilled to partner with the Vault and have their trust for such a great project. I believe we met, and even exceeded The Vault’s expectations and needs. “

– Travis Finseth

Travis Finseth

Travis Finseth is the owner of Nuzu Net Media, a full service digital marketing agency in Jackson, MS. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin, but more typically at home with the beautiful wife and three kids... or on the basketball or volleyball court. More about Travis...

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