MS Trauma Foundation Website Design

The Client: MS Trauma Foundation

The Mississippi Trauma Foundation is a novel concept, designed to help trauma centers in the state of Mississippi with sharing new data, adhering to best practices, and increasing knowledge-sharing amongst trauma centers. The ultimate goal of the MS Trauma Foundation is to enhance patient care through improving system performance and trauma center readiness. Jeff Gardener reached out to Travis to create this innovative website because of Nuzu’s past work with the Mississippi Hospital Association. MS Trauma Foundation wanted a site that would compile all of the data and educational opportunities for trauma centers in Mississippi, in order to improve services and increase knowledge. Besides assisting trauma centers, the Foundation sought to provide an interactive mapping system for the general public where people can easily and quickly locate nearby trauma centers and pre-hospital/EMS services.

Nuzu Web Solutions

Based on the needs of MS Trauma Foundation, Travis and his team built a website focused on both trauma providers and the general public, to assist MS Trauma in accomplishing their objectives. The result was a custom built website design, complete with an integrated calendar, interactive mapping, contact forms, and other related resources.

Technologies Employed

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Custom built WordPress design
  • Integrated, data-base driven mapping that is editable for the website owner and filterable by users
  • Custom Google Maps integration with categories and filtering

Advertising and Marketing

  • SEO initiation and setup 

A Word from MS Trauma

“This was my first experience with starting a website. Travis patiently walked me through the process step by step. Travis is easy to work with and is responsive to requests. The website does a fantastic job at promoting our organization in Mississippi, which in turn, assists trauma centers with providing the best possible care for patients. We would definitely work with Nuzu Marketing again and appreciate his ongoing efforts to keep the site updated and current, as this demanding field requires.”

John Gardener – Mississippi Trauma Foundation

A Note from Nuzu

“I was happy to work on this project with John and his team – their cause is admirable and important for the communities of Mississippi. The site was enjoyable and challenging to create and I’m especially proud of the mapping systems we built out for them. I look forward to supporting the MS Trauma Foundation in the future.”

Travis Finseth
Travis Finseth

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