Marketing Automation Consultant in Jackson, Mississippi

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Hire a local marketing automaton consultant

Based in our Jackson Mississippi office, your marketing automation consultant is a crucial asset to creating successful automation campaigns that will help your business. We not only do the dirty work but also consult to help create goals and strategies to achieve your goals.

Consultant responsibilities

  • Engage with you to assess your current sales and marketing process – from top of the funnel lead generation to final conversion and customer acquisition
  • Lead on site workshops with your marketing and sales department to teach you how to use the CRM or marketing automation framework and show you best practices and answer questions
  • Work with you to build a strategic plan and identify specific needs
  • Manage and help deploy marketing automation campaigns

Why marketing automation?

Automating your marketing process gives your marketing department a fool proof a system that not only helps you manage the process but also helps nurture potential clients along the way. They create the ability to automate follow up processes based on user’s actions and what you know about them. Potential clients get moved through the sales cycle and you get consistent messaging and processes defined.

Leads are better qualified and you have more information about your prospective clients.

Common activities for marketing automation

  • definition of target audiences and creation of marketing campaign overview for each
  • creation of drip multiple drip campaigns that nurture leads over time
  • tagging and categorizing clients into different campaigns
  • moving clients into different nurture cycles based on their actions or interaction with marketing media
  • creation of supporting media and sales process structure definition

We are results oriented!

Businesses who deploy automated marketing campaigns report a 400+ percent increase in qualified leads. Integrating marketing automation with in the sales process can have a 400% increase in revenue. Leads that are nurtured overtime will increase average order size by approximately 50%.

In Our Toolshed

Our Team uses Basecamp for project managment, Adwords for PPC advertizing, Analytics for yup... you guessed it, Belle Portraits for Photography, Media Temple for Hosting, Jaguar PC for Hosting, Wordpress (almost exclusively) for Content Managment, and Google Partners for our customers advertizing needs!