Campaign Overview – Social Media Advertising

Social media is a source of traffic for your business that can be used for marketing, interaction, feedback, customer service and competitive analysis.

Similar to search engine marketing, social media marketing can be broken into two parts – natural social interaction and social media advertising.

Social media advertising examples:

How advertising on Facebook works:

Facebook advertising is a similar advertising platform to PPC. The campaign targeting and segmentation tools are more in depth and include several demographic and geographic elements that are not available in search PPC. Advertising on Facebook can also integrate with social “gaming” marketing campaigns that include interaction with the company fan page or direct traffic to a landing page / website. Branding oriented advertising also works well on Facebook.

Social Media Advertizing
Social Media Advertizing Example

An example of Facebook advertising:

  1. A user from Fiji mentions “new cell phone” in a post on Facebook.
  2. Facebook matches our geographic, demographic settings & phrasing requirements.
  3. We display an image and text advertisement (using wordsmithing to qualify the user):
  4. The ad impression is free, we only pay if someone clicks through the ad
  5. We specify the landing page URL – either a facebook page, a product page or brand page
  6. The click through is paid and tracked via Facebook analytics interface and through Google analytics once the user reaches your website. *Note that there are other channels of social media advertising – like Twitter, LinkedIn etc…

In Our Toolshed

Our Team uses Basecamp for project managment, Adwords for PPC advertizing, Analytics for yup... you guessed it, Belle Portraits for Photography, Media Temple for Hosting, Jaguar PC for Hosting, Wordpress (almost exclusively) for Content Managment, and Google Partners for our customers advertizing needs!