MS Trauma Foundation Website Design

“This was my first experience with starting a website. Travis patiently walked me through the process step by step. Travis is easy to work with and is responsive to requests. The website does a fantastic job at promoting our organization in Mississippi, which in turn, assists trauma centers with providing the best possible care for patients. We would definitely work with Nuzu Marketing again and appreciate his ongoing efforts to keep the site updated and current, as this demanding field requires.”

Landscape Creative Web Design & Marketing

“Travis has really helped put us on the map. We love the site design and the marketing has been very effective in generating potential leads and getting new clients for our services. I really recommend Nuzu’s marketing and web design services to anyone looking to move their company to the next level. We’re very happy with the outcome of Travis’ work and have referred him to other clients who have used his services. “

Backwoods Land Co Website Design and Marketing

Travis and his team went to work on building a Backwoods website, complete with land listings for sale, as well as “land wanted” personals, a fun feature for people who are looking for a specific property type. This enabled Backwoods to promote both land for sale and buyers through two listing types.

Ramsey Russell –

After consulting with Travis, Ramsey determined that in addition to SEO services, he needed a complete website redesign. Through a collaborative process and two site redesigns, Nuzu built Ramsey the website he was searching for.

Watkins & Company CPAs LTD

Watkins & Co has now been a Nuzu customer for over ten years. During that time, Nuzu has completed a large variety of web development and services to keep Watkins & Co at the forefront of their field. Discover how Nuzu helped Watkins & Co develop!

Nowell Agency Design & Digital Marketing

Nuzu completed a complete redesign of the Nowell Agency’s website, modernizing the look and feel, while making the site’s many resources more accessible and improving ease-of-use for clients. Design & Marketing

Nuzu Net Media moved The Vault to Nuzu Servers and began to build out content on the website, embedding SEO along the way. To meet The Vault’s advertising needs, we continually run Google Ad and FaceBook campaigns, targeting their audience of car aficionados. Nuzu advertised for The Vault’s Hershey at Home auction, targeting worldwide car buyers and sellers. Ultimately, The Vault sold over $5 million cars at this event and gained nationwide and global recognition.

#HairBar WebDesign & Advertising

Nuzu Net Media designed a completely customized website with a modern, sleek look. The site is user friendly and captures the essence of the #HairBar experience. Filled with gorgeous images and #HairBar-specific content, the site is visually stunning and complements the #HairBar feel. We began to build out content on the website, embedding SEO along the way. To effectively market this brand new salon and meet their ongoing advertising needs, we run social media advertising campaigns, and retargeting for #HairBar’s specific audience.

Business Interiors of Mississippi Website, SEO & PPC

Business Interiors of Jackson engaged the Nuzu Agency to help with their online marketing. They wanted an new website and were interested in learning about new ways to engage with their audience online. Nuzu handled the redesign of the website and also started SEO and PPC marketing campaigns. We are helping bring new clients to Business Interiors on an ongoing basis.

USLegal, Inc Design, Monetization & Programming is a content site developed to help the general public get access to legal information. The site quickly gained authority and momentum through the creation of valuable content, search engine optimization and measurement through analytics. and it’s hundreds of sub domains now receive more than 500,000 unique visitors a month. The site is monetized through content network advertising direct firm advertising and affiliate marketing.

Elliott Law Firm Design, SEO & Social Media Marketing

Nuzu helped bring hundreds of thousands of eyeballs to Elliott Law Firm’s new website. Several (more than 10) new clients came on board over the initial two month advertising period.

Jones Co. Logistics Intranet System & App Development

Nuzu has programmed a system for Jones companies & its subsidiary that includes a custom web based intranet application to handle the varied types of inventory, shipping, receiving, logistics, reporting, sales and accounting processes that operate the company.

In Our Toolshed

Our Team uses Basecamp for project managment, Adwords for PPC advertizing, Analytics for yup... you guessed it, Belle Portraits for Photography, Media Temple for Hosting, Jaguar PC for Hosting, Wordpress (almost exclusively) for Content Managment, and Google Partners for our customers advertizing needs!