How to compare webdesign quotes

We are here to help you regardless of whether you become a client or not. Recently we started sending out follow up emails to our potential clients to help them when making the difficult decision of comparing and choosing a web designer. We think that this information is valuable to everyone who has put a quote out for bid. This is the example email:

Hope you are doing well!
Even if you don’t choose us as your partner, we want to help you make the best choices for your business. We are here to answer questions regardless of the outcome. So here are some thoughts:
One of the biggest issues that our clients have when reviewing quotes is being sure that they are comparing apples to apples. There is so much gray area in relation to webdesign and SEO (and online marketing) that it’s very hard to compare quotes on an even scale. Often times choices are made from a budget centric mindset, however the budgets are not compared evenly… because it’s very difficult to decipher what you are getting exactly!
We think that you might consider these additional factors:

  • Call the developers referees to compare satisfaction and performance.
  • Compare the back end website management tools in detail – Ask for a tour…
  • Consider the long term aspects of the relationship:
    • Can the developer help you understand the monthly reports and work to improve results?
    • Can the developer provide ongoing value for performance and marketing?
    • What other services does the developer offer that will help your business/organization?
  • Review example reports from the developer on performance, conversion & traffic
  • Compare previously released designs and front end functionality from an aesthetic and usability standpoint
    Here is an article that will give you a couple of ideas on the factors involved in choosing a new web-designer:
    Here are a couple of articles I have written on the subject:
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