We Do Logistics

Nuzu Net Media has worked with a local Mississippi corporation to develop a business management tool that encompasses all of their strategic business units.  The system integrates with the Salesforce API.

The following are a few features of the intranet application:

  • Logistics tracking system for shipping, trucking, recycling & construction company
  • inventory management
  • dynamic qr code generation
  • physical equipment integration
  • tracks shipments
  • tracks production
  • tracks orders
  • tracks leads
  • tracks salesman
  • Intranet system
  • Mashup of Google maps
  • Salesforce integration
  • Languages – jquery, jqgrid, c#,
  • devices: Iphone, ipad, windows ce, cross browser compatible,
  • Reporting on sales, margin, cost, performance & other relevant business metrics.
Travis Finseth

Travis Finseth is the owner of Nuzu Net Media, a full service digital marketing agency in Jackson, MS. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin, but more typically at home with the beautiful wife and three kids... or on the basketball or volleyball court. More about Travis...

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