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Bass Pecan Tree NurseryWe just completed a new e-Commerce site for Bass Pecan Tree Nursery here in Madison Mississippi. We are currently managing website design, SEO & PPC for this new site and for their older retail site.

Bass Pecan is one of the oldest orchards in the United States. In the past few years they have branched out to include a tree and plant farm and Nursery. They specialize in growing pecan trees, oak trees, hybrid oaks, fruit trees, chestnut, apple, pear, blueberry, blackberry and many more. Bass Pecan Nursery uses a proprietary patented RootMax growth system that allows for low input container grown trees to thrive and have more success once planted.

Hybrid Oak Trees Available from Bass:

  • Beadle’s Oak
  • Compton Acorn
  • Compton Oak
  • Shumard Pen Oak Acorns
  • Shumard X Pin Oak Hybrid
  • Shumard Water Oak Acorn In shell
  • Shumard X Water Oak Hybrid
  • Nuttall Water Oak Acorn In Shell Nut
  • Water X Nuttall Oak Hybrid

Bass pecan also offers whole pecans and shelled pecans and all kinds of other pecan treats.  We can attest to their freshness and awesome flavor!

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