e-Commerce Trends 2015

E-Commerce changed dramatically in the past year

ppc-iconE-commerce is evolving quickly with several new features that website owners can now deploy. Because of the proliferation of smart phones and devices, more and more users are conversing, shopping and making decisions via a smaller screen. Social media marketing has also changed significantly the past couple of years.

Online marketing tactics and web design processes have changed to cater for these developments. Here is a list of things that you should consider for your e-Commerce store and marketing tactics:

  1. People expect your website to be mobile responsive. They expect to be able to complete transactions fully through their device without having to go to a computer.
  2. Mobile payments must be made easy. Services like PayPal allow users to feel comfortable with a consolidated safer way to pay.
  3. Rise of pre-customer marketing. Fans and follower counts don’t matter anymore. You can no longer directly reach much of your own audience because of the amount of content and noise is generated every day. Social media marketing requires a budget and new technologies that help you listen better, and then target them specific offers.
  4. Mobile advertising via apps and through search results is now insignificant place to get traffic and business. This includes location-based advertising and Geo fencing.
  5. Permission-based texting is the new email… although email marketing is also making a resurgence.
  6. Product oriented personalized customization is now generally possible the 3-D printing technology!
  7. Multi channel marketing and selling via online retail “public” market places like Amazon and shopping comparison websites like Google shopping are gaining significance in the mind of users. The commoditization of products on a global scale now requires participation in these different areas.
  8. Information gathering via your analytics allows you to take the points above and apply tactics where they best fit. Thus using the data available to you is a very important marketing function.
  9. Marketing automation is a great tactic that will allow small bands of marketers to curate ongoing relationships with your target audience.

Want some ideas on how to optimize your current website?  Give us a buzz and check out Moz’s roadmap: http://moz.com/blog/holygrail-of-ecommerce-conversion-optimization-91-points-checklist

 e-Commerce Marketing Trends

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