Why Google cares about Authorship

Google authorship example
Google authorship example from the rich snippets testing tool in google.com/webmasters

What is all of this author rank mumbo jumbo you say?

Author rank boils down to the following points:

  • Search Engines (like Google) value original content
  • Search engines fight a constant battle against web spam
  • Google wants google+ to proliferate throughout the social landscape
  • Authorship creates accountability

So what does authorship mean for website owners?

  • Owners need to continue to create content.
  • Getting your image into googles results will help click through rates… Especially if you are good looking…!
  • There is a new way to influence search results.
  • Content is still king.
  • Reposting others content doesn’t make you a source, but you does help the original author… Quid pro quo. Better create a social media buddies list! Sumddies rule!

How do I set up Authorship for my website?

1. Link to your google+ profile from your web pages using rel=author
2. Verify that Google sees the authorship reference – via webmaster tools and the structured data > rich snippets tool
3. You can also add the meta author tag.

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