Waddell Nejam Case Study

Waddell Nejam’s family traditions in Jackson, Mississippi began all the way back in 1896. At that time, Jackson was a small, up-and-coming community that gradually grew to its current notable size and stature. Waddell’s commitment to this special city never died and after graduating from Mississippi College, Waddell Nejam returned to his beloved Jackson with the intention of bringing back the historic integrity that the city was built upon. How did he assist in accomplishing this?

Nejam Waddell Properties Case 

Waddell Nejam kept that goal in mind and started his own business in Jackson, Mississippi that specializes in restoring and preserving historic homes. As a result of his business endeavors, A Waddell Nejam is a strong supporter of preservation efforts in Jackson and has helped to save many of the city’s historic buildings in the communities of Fondren and Belhaven. He is also an active member of the community and is involved in several local non-profit organizations. The following Waddell Nejam case studies illustrate how a dedicated businessman can have a positive impact on the city of Jackson and its residents. 

Waddell Nejam Case Studies

When taking a deeper dive into the life and legacy of Waddell Nejam, it becomes evident that he is a Jackson, Mississippi native who has devoted his life to restoring and preserving historic homes in his community. For over 30 years, Waddell has worked tirelessly to identify and protect homes that are significant to the history of Jackson. He has also been instrumental in helping to revitalize older neighborhoods like Fondren and Belhaven by rehabilitating neglected properties to their original historic state. In addition to his work as a preservationist, Waddell is also a successful businessman. He is the owner of Nejam Properties, LLC, which serves to oversee the construction aspects of the historic restoration of homes and commercial properties, as well as manage the properties once they have successfully been restored and rented out. His businesses have helped to create jobs and spur economic development in Jackson, specifically in the communities of Fondren and the greater Belhaven area. Thanks to the vision and dedication of people like Waddell A Nejam, the city of Jackson is a more vibrant and livable place. As a proud resident of Belhaven states, “During my 15 years of living in Belhaven as a renter, homeowner and land-lady, dog and cat owner, mom, and employee of a Belhaven museum, the things I like best about my neighborhood have remained the same: my generous and interesting neighbors, the diversity and quality of the architecture, the lovely gardens, and walking the tree-lined streets.”
Waddell Nejam’s properties include commercial and residential rental properties on Hazel, St. Mary, Poplar (over 20 rental units), Pinehurst (10 townhomes), Peachtree, Kenwood, Manship, Fortification, St Ann, Sherwood, King’s Hwy, Broadway, Whitworth, and Seneca. Perhaps the most identifiable area that emerges as vital in the A Waddell Nejam case studies are the buildings along Morningside Street, which took Mr. Nejam over thirty years to acquire and restore. The street now holds some of the most beautiful historic homes in Jackson and Mr. A Waddell Nejam is thrilled that his hard work has paid off for the wonderful residents of Jackson.

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