Martial Arts School Marketing How-To

If you’re searching for how to bring local traffic to your martial arts school, keep your classes full, and build your brand, then you’ve come to the right place! Nuzunet Media has 6 tried and true marketing methods to make your martial arts school a complete success. 

#1.  Top Rated Martial Arts School

It’s truly a simple yet effective approach: show potential clients your satisfied past clients. Building a reputation which displays your credibility, professionalism, student success rate, and overall satisfaction is your number one goal. Encourage happy clients to leave testimonials and reviews (both parents and students). Ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Top Rated Local, etc can give you the extra boost your business needs. Having positive reviews accessible to potential clients definitely helps close the deal for them.

#2.  Best Martial Arts School Website

Your entire marketing campaign revolves around an effective website. Your website is the perfect place to display your stellar reputation in the martial art school world. Having a website which includes text, videos, images, and information is crucial to capturing your customers’ attention and is the first impression they will get of your school.

martial arts school website design

Key information to include is how to contact you, location, class schedules and descriptions, event details and updates, and very importantly, reviews and testimonials. 

Another important element of an effective website is one which is mobile responsive so that everyone can easily see your site on their phones. A site which clearly and concisely provides the necessary information while also being visually appealing, as well as easy to use is the perfect trifecta. A good method for seeing if you’re in the running is to compare your site with your competition. Check out their sites and compare honestly. Would you choose your studio based on your website over your competitor’s? You can also ask current customers for feedback, which is essentially conducting a usability test by gathering information. Overall point: build a stellar website that displays what you’re all about! 

#3.  Martial Arts School Video

An easy and effective way to reach your clientele is a video. In it, show your facility with a tour, share about your history, and your teaching philosophy. Additionally, include more from your clients such as testimonials and your students in action.

You can embed this on your amazing website, post it on Facebook, and make sure it’s all set up for YouTube.

#4.  Social Media Marketing for Martial Arts Schools

Speaking of Facebook, make sure you have a variety of social media platforms to reach potential customers. Many times, future students will search for martial arts schools themselves, and do the groundwork to present where they want to go to their parents. Demonstrate that you are moving with current times by having your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn up and running. You can show your videos, pictures, share about events, and connect with family members of all ages through these social media platforms. 

how to market martial arts schools

What this means is that everyday during classes, your instructors or helpers should be taking action videos, pictures, and post these (with the proper permission of course)! This will show potential clients how you run your martial arts school and what they can expect when they attend. This is free and effective brand exposure! Another good idea is to create a Snapchat geofilter in which you have students include videos of their new skills, lessons and highlights. 

With time, you can start using paid advertisements to target those which are likely to convert, while also running retargeting ads for those who have reviewed your social media or reviewed your website. This will finalize some clients for you while also spreading your brand. 

#5.  Top Search Results for Martial Arts Schools

There are several ways to dominate the world of search results. The main two are pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and organic website listings (SEO). Before you jump into either of these two approaches, you’ll want to set up a Google My Business link. This is where Google includes you in local map listings which pulls you up during geo-targeting searches. It’s free and you can rank higher with descriptions and customer reviews. 

With pay-per-click advertising, Google Adwords and Bing ads (to name a few) runs your ads through these auction based systems. You can control the ad copy and landing page and can rise to the top positions. These ads are aimed at those who are ready to sign up for martial arts classes, in order to seal the deal.

SEO or organic website listings are free clicks gained through equipping your website with keywords, blog content, and links, all of which increase your ranking on search engines and social media. It’s important here to include common search key words or phrases, such as the types of classes you offer and names of geographic areas people search for in your area. You can use these keywords in your meta tags and website content.

An important tip here is to utilize retargeting ads to pull in those clients who haven’t taken action. This is typically 90% of potential clients who view your website. Target those viewers specifically by using PPC retargeting ads and on Facebook. You could also offer a discount or incentive to encourage people to convert. 

#6.  Martial Arts Marketing Software

The digital marketing approach for your martial arts school may seem daunting. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. You can reach out to a company such as Nuzunet Media who will guide you through every step of marketing software, automation, even setting up a website! We can help you reach out via email marketing with automate contacts, as well as using a CRM software to keep track of current and prospective clients. You can also use a marketing software such as Google Analytics to help you determine what’s working and what’s not in your marketing campaign. Nuzunet Media can help you interpret all your findings and come up with a holistic marketing plan to set your martial arts school leagues above the competition.

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