Electricians Logo Design

Shanks Electric Logo Design Process

Shanks Electric approached Nuzu asking for a fresh, creative logo design upon which to build their brand. We were thrilled to help and met with Shanks to learn more about their brand, vision, and aesthetics ideals. From there, we dove deep into our creative process, exploring a variety of potential fonts and logo designs that would capture the style Shanks desired. This step was done completely in black and white in order to stay focused on the logo itself, before adding color components. We came up with several options.

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Shanks Electric selected the logo variation that best evokes their brand and image. Together we worked on a few edits, delving deeper into the world of fonts.

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Once the font was perfected, the last step was journeying through the world of color combinations. Nuzu sent Shanks Electric a variety of creative color logo designs.

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Shanks Electric selected their perfect logo design and a brand was born! 

shanks logo designer madison ms
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