Why is Facebook Advertising Effective?

Nuzu is announcing a new and improved online marketing methodology based on the success we have had and our new understanding of how to integrate paid advertising on Facebook into the mix.

In late 2016 Facebook released their new ad platform.  It has been redesigned from the ground up to allow every type of business to have access to its platform.  This means that there are literally hundreds of options and millions of variations possible when working to find the crucial needle in the haystack that is your perfect audience.

Our team has spent two months in training and thousands of dollars learning how to create value for our clients using the power of geographic, demographic and interest segmenting.  We are excited to offer this new capability to our clients.

With 14 billion active users and more than 900 million daily visits, Facebook has become one of the most popular online sites in the world. This is what has led to its emerging role as one of the most effective and powerful platforms for online advertising. Every day, more and more businesses are joining the growing movement to place their offers in front of this enormous audience of active members.”

We have already had some great success examples:

  • Generation of 200 plus leads per month for a local Mississippi service oriented customer.
  • Generation of 4x cost per dollar spent for an e-commerce company that is nation wide, but is based here in Flowood.  Spend $2000 make $8000.
  • Generation of sales exceeding $23,000 in the first month of our kicking off the Facebook Marketing Campaign on a high ticket item ($3850).

Each of these are individual customers that we are working with.

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Travis Finseth

Travis Finseth is the owner of Nuzu Net Media, a full service digital marketing agency in Jackson, MS. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin, but more typically at home with the beautiful wife and three kids... or on the basketball or volleyball court. More about Travis...

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