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If you’re a handyman, you’ve got the corner on a very lucrative small business. This is an area in which there is always work and where there are always new customers. You are a small business owner, even if you are working alone or with a small crew, and chances are you’ve been getting by with word of mouth business. Yet in today’s internet-driven world, you would do well for yourself to do just a small bit of marketing. Nuzu Net Media has all the information you need and here we’ve provided you with some tips and ideas for getting your marketing campaign up and running in just a few easy steps. 

Handyman  Marketing With a Professional Website

The key to a healthy business is a functional and user friendly website. This is your business card and the first opportunity customers have to get a first impression of you and your work quality. It is your launching pad to convert clients.

You can quickly have a fantastic looking website which displays all the pertinent information. For your customers, you’ll need to have available the services you provide, what local areas you service, how to contact you, and any special deals you have going on. 

Having a professional website builds trust with potential customers and provides them all the information they’ll need to start work with you. There are many templates out there that you can easily edit yourself so that you’re not paying huge design and updating fees. Most importantly, you’ll want to have your site mobile responsive, as most potential customers will do their initial (or all) searches on their phones. 

You should have your website URL on your business cards, work truck/trailer, t-shirts, hats, and invoices.  You can advertise by linking your site from the local chamber of commerce and other directories.

Handyman Business Video

An effective component of your website is a business video. Consumers enjoy gaining information from videos because they’re quick, get the point across easily, and can be accessed on phones. Customers also feel more comfortable with having a face to the name and this can engender trust. 

Your video should last around a minute and provide an overview of what you do, some examples of your work, and why people should choose your reliable services over someone else. 

Handyman Digital Marketing Software

Digital marketing may feel like a complex, overwhelming process, one which you just don’t have time for while running your business. Tracking and managing your marketing campaign can be resolved by using a marketing software, such as those provided by Nuzu Net Media. We will train you on how to use this software to coordinate your various marketing channels and retain clientele. 

The software also makes it simple to use email marketing and helps you narrow down which elements of your marketing are working and what’s not. This can guide your approach and help you corner the market through emphasizing what is working well for your business. Let the technology do the work for you! 

Handyman Google My Business

advertising for handyman

Local service ads are a crucial part of your online marketing plan because they enable you to:

  • Pay by the lead instead of paying based on traffic
  • Use reviews to get ranked higher and as primary content 
  • Convert clients on the spot (via messaging or phone call versus having to go to your website) 

To get started, get more reviews on your Google business profile because these are the reviews that appear on the Local Service Ads results. You will also need to make sure you’ll pass the Google verification process which includes a background check and a look into your insurance, licensing, and financials. 

Facebook may seem like a pointless endeavor but this is simply not true. Facebook is free exposure to a potential 14 billion clients. Facebook business pages are most successful when they provide tips and helpful advice, as well as a feel for your personality and your specific business information.  Besides the sheer number of Facebook users, there are some specific factors which make Facebook a lucrative advertising option for your handyman business.

Handyman Facebook Page

First is the aspect of recommendations. Anyone in the local area can write a post asking their network for leads on good handymen. The post is built to allow people to tag businesses in their response. So if you have a page, your business can be tagged in their response.

A second viable Facebook component is the ability to get to those “hot leads” or people who are ready to hire. Sending a message through Messenger is like a text through Facebook and enables you to respond quickly and convert customers. Again, the potential customer doesn’t have to leave FB and go to your website, they can contact you directly and quickly. 

SEO for Handyman Services

Ranking high on the list when people do searches for handymen is a key element to your marketing method. This is done through Google Local Service Ads as well as SEO (search engine optimization). You will get viewers and website traffic through ranking from free clicks. You can optimize your website for base keywords and combinations such as “handyman + your service area” by using this term in your website (such as for a title/header or a description of services tag). 

You can also optimize your services in back pages which describe your specialties. Do this by combining your service area along with the specialty services (such as “bathroom remodel in Brandon, MS”). 

Another excellent way of getting new clients is to advertise on Craigslist. This is a free method of getting your name and details about the type of work you do out there. Running ads consistently is the best way here, so that the date stays current. Always include your phone number, link to your website, and even photos of your work. Most importantly, include a call to action so customers know exactly how to get a quote. 

Handyman Reviews

Most potential clients will do a local search and then immediately look at the reviews for the businesses that come up. Before even looking at your website or social media information, they’ll look at reviews on Google, Yelp, Top Rated Local, or HomeAdvisor. This makes it imperative that you have a positive review profile across several of the most popular review websites. 

The most effective way of doing this is to do a fantastic job on every job. Having a positive, approachable demeanor, going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations is important. Providing a clear, easy, timely experience from the initial bid to the final invoicing is key. Furthermore, a way to get a good review (and make sure they’ll leave a review at all) is to follow-up with a phone call, visit, or email, to ensure customer satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to ask clients to leave a review if all has gone well. 

Pay attention to the reviews that you have out there. Create a testimonials page from your best clients which you should put on your website. Take snippets from testimonials for your social media accounts. Better yet, take a video of testimonials to include on your site or on your company video.

Handyman Newsletters to Retain Clients

The best way to ensure long-term success for your business is to create repeat customers. There will always be work available and if you have established a reliable, affordable, friendly business, then all it takes is keeping in touch with past clients. 

An easy way to do this is through a newsletter. It could be monthly or quarterly, sent through email or regular mail. You can include current testimonials, updates about your special offers, tips, and seasonal information. Additionally, you can take this content for use on your social media pages. 

The best part of the newsletter approach is that it reminds customers that you value their business and that you provided them excellent work in the first place. This is the best call to action, as they remember work they’ve been putting off, and call you for help.

Handyman Advertising to Rental Owners and Property Management Companies

handyman advertising tips

An incredibly successful client base for handymen are rentals and property management companies. These entities have consistent work and creating a good product for them means consistent work for you too. Networking locally to meet with property management companies, realtors, and individuals who own rental properties is the way to establish these connections. Get referrals from successful jobs to use to your advantage. 

An additional way of gaining these types of clients is by including the keywords for these services in your paid and organic searches. The keyword phrases which include “handyman + rental services” or “handyman + property management” are beneficial. On your website, include a page specific to services for these companies.

Handyman Advertising to Seniors

Steady work for handymen can be consistently provided at senior centers and housing areas. The elderly who are unable to take care of even minor jobs greatly appreciate a reliable, kind, trustworthy handyman. Either through the management company, or directly with the senior clients, make connections and create a stellar reputation for yourself. Use your website, social media, and newsletters to showcase your special services for seniors. You will find you have a plethora of jobs available to you! 

Edging out the competition and gaining new clientele, while retaining current customers can be done easily with these few mini marketing campaigns. Propel your handyman business into the internet marketing world today with the help of Nuzu Net Media!

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