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Would you like in on today’s best kept real estate secret? Learn this simple way to sell more houses in less time and work toward the life you want.

Jesse Beaudoin of CallAction specializes in intelligent automation and nurturing leads. He has been working on lead generating real estate for over 20 years and has the reputation of being one of the best marketers in the real estate industry. Today, he is letting you in on the secret to successful modern real estate. Jesse is handing you the most powerful tool in a realtor’s toolbox that you didn’t even know you needed: Google Local Service Ads. 

How to Generate High Intent Leads with Google Service Ads 

Why use Google Local Service Ads (aka GSA)? If you review the top viewed websites in the world, hands down, it’s Google. Google has monthly 92.5 billion visitors a month for search engine services. Simply put, Google is a window into people’s minds. Specifically in this case, it’s a window into the mind of your potential real estate buyer. On the other hand, the most commonly used realtor tool, Zillow, has about 200 million per month and does not even hold a place on top of the list. 

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The Google search bar is the key to learning about your clientele. The higher someone’s intent, the more likely they’re going to follow through with a buy. As customers get more motivated, their urgency and inquiry increase which is displayed in their Google searches. How consumers contact you is a good indicator of their level lof intent and urgency. Highly motivated consumers who have high urgency and intent will most likely call you. For 39% of consumers, their first call (versus text, form, or email) is the agent they ultimately used to buy or sell real estate. Morale of the story? The customers who call you first are most likely going to use you as their realtor. The way to ensure that you’re the first call they make is by creating a Google Service Ad. 

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ART Funnel 

As evidence of the fact that GSAs are an extremely useful tool for converting real estate leads, let’s examine the ART Funnel for real estate transactions.

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Aspirational: random browsing (12+ months away from buying). 

Research: determining the ability to transact (3+ months out).

Transactional: actively looking and calling (<90 days out).

If a buyer is researching 3 bedroom homes with yards, they’re in the “A” phase and are simply browsing. As motivation and ability increase, they move closer to a high intent to complete a transaction with the right agent. They begin searching for a realtor rather than properties. This is the “R” or “T” phase, where they will display a narrowed area of search/inquiry and will call the agent (versus emailing). This is where Google Service Ads come in as a contact point. In a majority of cases, the first stop in the “T” phase is a mobile device or computer Google Search. 

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What are Google Local Service Ads?

GSAs are a focus group of ads that pop up for particular searches. For realtors who use GSAs, when a potential buyer searches on Google, you will be one of three top results for your area. When they click on your ad, they’ll find a call button directly to you with one touch. Currently, about 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices, making the direct-call button extremely easy for the consumer! You reap all the benefits of a live transfer phone call (remember, 39% use the first agent they talk to). You’ve just gotten a high intent lead with the ability and motivation to buy with very little work on your part. Chances are, you’re making a sale!

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With GSAs, you’re getting the lead further down in the funnel automatically and are essentially getting a referral lead rather than an inquiry. Due to the fact that Google has screened and selected you as a trusted vendor, that trust translates to a referral directly from Google. This imbues automatic trust and good quality leads are the result. You’re that much closer to closing the deal! 

Google Local Service Ad Tips

Answer the Phone 

You MUST answer the phone. Google charges you only for the calls you take and as a result, Google will stop showing you as a top realtor if you don’t answer the phone. (Zillow statistics show that only 50% of agents answer the call and thus Zillow has to calling other agents). The more you answer the phone, the more potential buyers Google will send you. If you do nothing else, picking up the phone is the most crucial step in using GSAs to your advantage. It may be best to get a dedicated mobile line rather than your own cell number. When you do answer, be sure to ask the right questions to build trust and determine what your potential customer is looking for. Make your questions count! 

Highest Bid

Bid as high as you can afford. In order to create good standing with Google, take as many calls as possible and keep a high budget at first. You get lead calls for around $20-75 each, so a budget of $5000-10000 a month lets Google know you’re serious. You can always drop the budget back as needed afterward. This sends the signal to Google that you’re serious and they will send calls to you as a result. If you have to drop the budget, try to avoid going under $1000 a month.

Update the Records

When you make contact with a caller, make sure to update Google’s contact records. Mark customers as spam or vendors if they are such, or add names and any other information you gather from real customers. Google appreciates this because you’re helping them build data and will give you more calls as a result. 

Set Up a Strong Profile

If you don’t already have one, set up a Google My Business profile with details and a full description. Include reviews even if you only have one. You’ll need your realtor’s license number and insurance policy and it will take a week to approve. Get started now!

Take 3

In order for Google to start showing Google Service Ads for real estate agents in your area, you will need at least three agents to sign up for GSAs. If you have a team, use your members to do this. Your three team members will be the top of searches, making this process even more beneficial for you!

Start Google Service Local Ads Now

Conversations create closings. The more people you talk to, the more closings you’ll enjoy!

Google Service Ads Questions and Answers

How do you rank as one of the top realtors? 

It rotates over time but will also be based upon a few actions on your part. First, answering the phone (most importantly because Google makes money with answered calls). Next, the higher the budget, the higher the ranking (this is so that Google can charge you and keep sending you calls). Lastly, providing Google with updated contact information on clients by updating their records (and they will rank you higher). 

If you’re newer to real estate and have a small budget is this still a good idea?

Yes, you should spend your limited budget here if you’re starting out because it’s a lead that will likely turn into a transaction. Remember, you’re getting high intent customers automatically. This will ultimately save you money, so spend your budget here versus anywhere else. It’s also much quicker of a lead contact than any other method. If you’re new, start with this, if you already have a system, add this to it. 

What does an agent versus property Google search mean?

When a potential buyer searches for an agent instead of property, this means they’re in the transactional phase and are ready to buy! What do potential real estate buyers or sellers search for? Top Google searches:

Realtor near me

Realtor in __________

Best realtor in _______

__________ real estate agent


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How does Google recognize you as an expert in real estate?

Typically, in sales, the higher the cost and complexity of the product, the more likely the consumer is going to contact an expert before making a purchase. As real estate is expensive, consumers will call an expert because cost and complexity are high. Wouldn’t it be great if that expert they call is you? You can make that a reality through Google Local Service Ads. Showing up as a top Google result implies expertise in your field and encourages trust. 

Want to make this as easy as possible for yourself? Contact Nuzu Net Media today and we can do the heavy lifting for you! Our experienced team can set up your entire Google Local Service Ads profile. We’ll get you (and your entire team) on GSAs in no time at all! Nuzu Net Media provides comprehensive web services, SEO, and we specialize in all things Google. Call or click today for a free consultation! 

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