Facebook Geofencing Radius Targeted Advertising

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Facebook’s geofencing feature is a valuable tool for businesses that want to target particular locations. Here we set out how you can use geofencing to target your audience with laser precision. We know well that some campaigns require much narrower targeting and need other solutions in order to get more specific about your audiences’ locations. Geofencing is just what these businesses need!

What is Facebook Geofencing?

You’ve seen the ads on a social media site, but have you ever wondered how marketers can target you based on your location? With geofencing marketing, advertisers are able to create virtual fences that span physical locations. Audiences are connected with the world’s physical location, as well as the device which is being used and triggers ads in real time when they have entered this geo-fenced area. In other words, the fence triggers content when people’s devices enter it using GPS or RFID for tracking and the triggered content appears on their screen for them to view immediately!

How is Facebook Geofencing Used?

The use of geofencing to advertise is increasing due to the popularity of mobile devices. Businesses are starting to take notice and using it as a way for driving marketing results. But who needs Facebook geofencing? If you want access to any of the following, then you are the perfect candidate to utilize geofencing for marketing:

advertising for geofencing
  • Instantaneous geofencing marketing and targeted exposure to the right audience
  • Personalized messaging to make that customer feel special 
  • You set and create rules and conditions for how long someone should stay near your business before they get the advertisement
  • Geofence locations of your customers and target them with Facebook ads 
  • Target specific people at a location using geofencing for on-the-spot marketing (for example target potential customers who are at a nearby competitor or event)
  • Quickly create targeted campaigns
  • Your business is new to an area and you want to successfully advertise
  • You have a sale or limited offer going on and seek to advertise to nearby shoppers

Drawbacks of Facebook Geofencing

While the benefits of geofencing are far-reaching, the science has not yet been perfected and you will come across some limitations to Facebook geofencing. In order to increase the effectiveness of your ads, you can use geolocation. However, Facebook limits it to a 1-mile radius which makes targeting difficult and not as effective. In response users usually pin locations with minimum radiuses and then surround them with exclusion zones. What it comes down to, in reality, is that you have to take additional steps just for location inclusion & exclusion. 

Solutions to Facebook Geofencing Problems

A possible solution to the radius and exclusion issues presented by Facebook’s geofencing limitations is a snipper targeting solution. Hunch is a location system that calculates and micro-targets automatically. Hunch allows you to geo-target ads down into the 100 meter range, which saves time. Rather than manually adding exclusion zones, the best part of Hunch is that it automatically makes exclusions based on the radius you specify! Additionally, Hunch geofencing can be combined with automated ads for multiple microtargeting groups simultaneously. All in all, Hunch is the solution which allows users to select a particular radius around your business that Facebook usually limits. Hunch does the rest automatically, saving you valuable time and resources! 

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