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You may be averse to the thought of promoting your business. After all, acupuncture is about healing and helping others. Try to change your thought process about advertising. With advertising what you’re actually doing is bringing your services to those who need it most! Remember, most people don’t respond to advertising unless it’s a need or want they already have. With advertising, you are simply making yourself available to fill a need. Advertising is a form of connecting!

More importantly, advertising is also a form of information-sharing. Some potential patients are just starting the process of looking for an acupuncturist. Your marketing campaign can act as an information agent to answer all the questions they have. Patients new to acupuncture need questions answered by someone knowledgeable, with expertise in the field. Who better than you?

So now that you’ve weighed all that out in your head, are you ready for some tips and strategies to make your acupuncture marketing campaign a success? Nuzu Net Marketing shares our digital marketing expertise…

#1. It’s All About Your Acupuncture Website! 

The first impression most people get about you is from your website. In today’s technological world, a majority of potential leads begin with a local search and a visit to your website. Make a stellar first impression with an easy-to-navigate, informative website with eye appeal.

Fantastic first impressions come visually, so make sure you have a modern, sleek website. Your acupuncture site should look professional and allow easy movement from page to page. 

The best approach is to design your site content for someone who knows nothing about acupuncture. Inform them! Websites from which people learn are incredibly successful in converting new clients. It showcases your expertise while telling them why they should try acupuncture. Potential customers want to leave your site feeling that they fully understand the benefits of acupuncture and feel compelled to give it a chance.

Share what sets you apart from other professionals in your field and any specific things you specialize in (such as relaxation, migraine control, sports medicine, pain management, etc.). This is where it’s vital to share your educational background, certifications, special knowledge, and experience in the field. This is especially important for those who are seeking alternative medicine forms. They need to feel safe and secure with your credentials; set your potential clients’ minds at ease knowing you are an expert in acupuncture. Don’t be afraid to look at the websites of your competitors. Get some ideas on how to differentiate yourself in the local world of acupuncture.

The most important element is a strong call to action, encouraging potential clients to contact you. This means your contact information, phone number, address, location, availability, etc. are clearly stated, and getting a hold of you is easy to accomplish. In other words, an email button or phone button should be accessible with an easy click button. Make it as easy as possible to contact you. Have links to your social media platforms easily available so customers can see what others are saying about you. Even better, have past patient testimonials on every page raving about your services! 

#2. Use an Introductory Video

As mentioned before, visual appeal goes a long way. Patients who may be unsure about acupuncture and have anxiety about the experience feel reassured by seeing your face and hearing your voice while you tell them what services you provide in your practice. You’re not only informing, you’re also building trust and encouraging those wavering to give acupuncture a try. The long and short of it is that creating a personalized video helps potential patients feel comfortable entrusting you with their relaxation and health.

#3. Develop Your Social Media Marketing

In today’s modern world, social media provides an unparalleled platform for reaching potential patients. Targeting people who may be interested in acupuncture is exactly what you want to pursue by building your social media. Again, these platforms are an effective way of building trust and enabling clients to get a feel for your business, principles, and practices. It is extremely effective and fairly simple to market your acupuncture business on a variety of social media. 

  • Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are a great and easy place to start. Getting your business out there on these platforms expose you to an entirely new group of people.
  • Facebook Business Page: A ton of people get a feel for potential activities through Facebook. Elements to include on your Facebook page are interesting articles and links about acupuncture, other health or relaxation pages/information, client success stories, and so on. Update regularly and seek to engage your viewer! 
  • An incredibly successful part of this is Facebook Messenger. This enables your potential client to access you immediately (without having to visit your website). Make sure to respond promptly and just watch the customer conversions! 
  • Target and re-target a specific audience by reaching out to those interested in connected areas such as meditation, yoga, diet, or alternative medicine.

#4. Promote Through Search Engine Optimization 

You may have the best website in the world but if you can’t get a potential client to visit that site, it does you no good. One effective method for driving traffic to your website is by showing up on search engines for acupuncture searches. How do you do this?

  • Pay-per-click advertising. Google Adwords or Bing Ads, for example, result in top positioning for your business. You can also control the landing page and ad copy.
  • Geo-targeting. Setting up a Google My Business account enables you to show up on map listings for local acupuncture spots. Ranking is based on client reviews and optimizing. Best of all, it’s FREE! 
  • Organic Website Listings. This is also a free listing where you are ranked based on optimizing keyword searches in content, your blog topics, links, and social media traffic.

#5. Manage Your Reputation

While the days of success due to word of mouth reviews are not entirely gone, the method of information-spreading is different. Today’s modern world uses social media and online reviews through Google, Top Rated Local, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Hearing success stories from past patients and determining that acupuncture may be the answer to their health or relaxation problems is key. The main way to accomplish this is reviews. 

What you need to manage is providing top-notch service to your patients and ensuring they leave happy. Don’t hesitate to ask them for a review, either in person or in a follow-up email. Satisfied customers are usually happy to share the wealth. If a customer is unhappy for some reason, be sure to respond to their comment and attempt to resolve the issue expeditiously. 

High online rankings and a stellar reputation derive from reviews, so follow up consistently for success! 

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