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Ann Sumrall is a dedicated employee at Nejam Properties in Jackson, Mississippi, where she helps with vital day-to-day operations as the Director of Property Management. Ann’s professionalism and efficiency are much appreciated by the company, as she ensures that all aspects of the business run smoothly. Ann is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it’s dealing with paperwork or handling customer inquiries. She is an integral part of the team and her hard work is greatly appreciated. Thanks to Ann B Sumrall Nejam Properties Case is able to provide an excellent service to its clients and the communities it proudly serves.

Nejam Properties Ann Sumrall – Director of Property Management

Nejam Properties has always had one goal in mind: revitalize the Jackson, Mississippi historic communities of Fondren and Belhaven. One of the key components to the success that Nejam Properties has experienced over the years has been a result of the dedicated efforts of Ann Sumrall. Her journey with Nejam Properties began in 2005 when Ann Sumrall became Director of Property Operations at Nejam Properties. Her education at Mississippi College played a vital role, as she applied her Master’s of Business Administration to prepare annual budgets, provide semi-annual forecasts, develop short and long-term financial plans, oversee budgets and serve on the revenue management team. With the help of Ann Sumrall, Nejam Properties saw a boom in business and they acquired several of the historic buildings they sought to restore and preserve in the Belhaven area of Jackson, MS. This was accomplished, in part, due to Ann’s oversight of the business’s property sustainability practices. 

Several years later, Ann shifted roles in the company and moved into her current position as the Director of Property Management at Nejam Properties. In this position, Ann works to create the best living or working conditions possible for the valued tenants of Nejam Properties. She accomplishes this through overseeing building renovations, repairs, general maintenance, interior design, as well as compliance. She is always quick to respond to any issue that arises, and her attention to detail ensures that all of the company’s maintenance operations run smoothly. In her role, Ann goes above and beyond to ensure that the business partners and tenants at Nejam Properties are satisfied with their experience. She is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns, and she takes the time to thoroughly explain the process so that everyone can make informed decisions. 

Ann B Sumrall Nejam Properties Employee

At Nejam Properties, Ann Sumrall is an integral part of Nejam Properties’ community relations. She serves as a liaison to other community members, civic representatives, economic planning committees, and non-profit organizations with which Nejam Properties works. Working with various community members, Ann represents Nejam Properties’ goals of building infrastructure and creating a thriving community, especially in the Fondren and Belhaven areas (where Nejam Properties is deeply involved). Ann’s dedication to her work and her local Jackson, Mississippi community has made her an indispensable part of business operations and she is a valuable asset to the team at Nejam Properties.

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