9 Strategies for Getting Painting Leads

Are you a painter attempting to build your brand and bring in some lucrative leads? Nuzu Marketing has compiled some of the trade’s best tips and ideas for propelling your painting contractor business forward and turning those leads into successful painting jobs. 

Painter Lead Strategy #1: Develop a Professional Website

tips for getting painting leads
Nuzu Marketing shares tips on gaining painting leads.

Your website is most likely the first contact you will have with potential clients. It is a good first impression which has the most promise if gaining you new customers for local painting jobs. It is imperative that your website is user-friendly (easily navigable) and contains all the necessary information. This info should be your hours, location, contact information, and most importantly, an estimate form. Most potential painting leads will pass you by if they can’t get a general idea of cost. Thus, many leads will check out your site and use it to contact you via email, phone, or simply fill out an estimate form.

An important element for a painting business to have on your website is a gallery of your work and testimonials. The gallery should clearly demonstrate what type of painting you do, what your specialty is and contain photos of your actual work. Testimonials sway many potential leads and so ensure the information is persuasive and positive. 

Most critically, provide a strong call to action by having available several methods of reaching you (an email button, estimate form, phone click, etc). Let your potential clients know you are the best person for the job and the most accessible. 

Painter Lead Strategy #2: Set Yourself Apart

You will need to set yourself apart and create a value proposition which tells your leads why you’re the best choice for the job. Perhaps you’re the best local value, or you specialize in a specific type of painting job, whatever your unique perspective is, make sure your prospective clients know that too. You can share this information with an indication of what sets you apart: a speciality service, high quality service and responsiveness, a price advantage, and so on. Just make sure that whatever claim you make which sets you apart, follow that up with excellent, timely, and reliable service.

Painter Lead Strategy #3:  Go to the Streets

A very lucrative solution for a painting company is some door to door salesmanship. While “cold calling” can throw potential customers off, leaving flyers around neighborhoods, on mailboxes, or in local shops/restaurant cork boards can be effective. Many older neighborhoods may need painting services and a friendly reminder may be the push they need to get on the phone or the internet. 

If you create a flyer, be sure to include your website and phone number, as well as a summary of your services. Share that flyer freely and always keep a flyer or card on hand. Be friendly to people you encounter, you never know where you’ll drum up business! 

Painter Lead Strategy #4:  Maintain Your Reputation

Word spreads, either through people or social media. Referrals are the number one method potential clients use to initiate contact. These can be a recommendation from a friend or an online referral from a stranger, yet both are effective methods of getting your name out there. 

Often once a customer finds your name/business, they check out reviews online. Sites like Top Rated Local, Yelp, Google, HomeAdvisor, Facebook, etc. Manage your online reputation and make sure reviews are high so that you are the top selection.

One surefire method to get high reviews is to ask satisfied customers to leave reviews. Encourage them to go on social media and add their testimonial. Then include those testimonials on your website and you’ll find customers will respond accordingly. 

Painter Lead Strategy #5:  Sign Up for Google Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads through Google My Business is a very effective strategy for helping potential customers find you. (You must set up a Google My Business first which is a crucial step for you anyways if you haven’t already). Most potential clients will do a local search for painters nearby and use that list as a springboard for contacting someone. They will often look at reviews and rankings to determine who they will reach out to first. 

The LSA (Local Service Ads) are successful for businesses because ranking come from rankings. What makes this strategy effective is that it is based on reputation and rankings, and is a pay per lead process. You’ll have to apply and undergo screening first. Once you’re all set, work on past and current clients to leave reviews and increase your ranking.

Painter Lead Strategy #6:  Focus on SEO 

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a tried and true method for increasing traffic to your website based on particular phrases (usually a service you provide). Besides upping potential client leads for your usual services, it can also be a way of bringing in new clientele based on more unusual services (or even services you do once in a while but not all the time, so you don’t have a reputation for). 

SEO works by ranking you based on a particular competitive phrase for which you have an SEO landing page. The page has content with the phrases built in and information that search engines look for to find you organic traffic and increase your rankings.

Best of all, SEO is free! 

Painter Lead Generation Idea #7:  Make Friends with Facebook

Facebook is an incredibly helpful tool for painters in two main categories: easy contact through FB messenger and Facebook Lead Ads. 

Clearly, the first step is making a business Facebook page. On it, offer helpful advice, tips, and deals/services lists. You can also tag pictures of your work on past client’s pages, post testimonials, and your page can be shared with entire networks of current, past, or potential customers. Furthermore, you can encourage clients to leave reviews so that your rankings increase and your good reputation spreads. 

Facebook messenger enables hot leads to reach out to you directly and immediately without having to go to your website. If you’re tagged on a page because someone gave you a good review or recommended you, a lead can go to your Facebook page and message you in a matter of minutes. 

Facebook Lead Ads enable you to target specific groups of people based on certain characteristics, such as elderly communities, new homebuyers, those who have utilized other home services, and so much more. The possibilities here are endless, depending on what group you’d like to focus on. 

Painter Lead Strategy #8:  Manage It All with Marketing Software

Marketing software may quickly become your best friend. With all the social media and marketing strategies going on, you may feel overwhelmed. The best solution for you is to use marketing software to do the work for you. Nuzu Net Media can train you in a few short hours to use this software to your advantage. Marketing reports and analysis, determining what’s working and what’s not on each of your marketing strategies, and deciding on next steps for your approach all can be done with the use of a marketing software. 

This enables you to focus on your painting jobs and converting customers, while letting the marketing strategies all work on bringing you potential leads! 

Painter Lead Strategy #9:  Perfect Your Estimate Process

All the previously mentioned strategies only get your leads to the door. To get potential clients to commit and become actual clients, you have to convert using rapid response to their contact and a punctual and streamlined estimate process. 

Make sure that you’re responding to your leads quickly and use your best sales pitch! All the social media, ranking, and review sites lead potential customers to you and it’s up to you to close the deal with a pleasant and knowledgeable demeanor on the phone. Once you’ve established contact and have all the crucial information, the way to close the deal is an accurate and speedy estimate process. 

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