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JMay Custom Home Builder in Madison, Ridgeland, Canton, MS

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If you have bought or are considering buying property in the gorgeous county of Madison, MS, you’re well on your way to settling in an ideal location. All it takes next is finding the best custom home builders in Madison, MS and with that, the journey to your dream home has begun! The perfect travelling partner for this voyage?

Why Not Build a Custom Home?

As some of the top Madison custom home builders, there are many of the reasons to build a custom home. It all starts with the ability to choose the exact location and land parcel you want. Building a beautifully inspired home on that pristine property, one that has unlimited possibilities, is the ultimate finale. The key to building a custom home is carefully crafting the atmosphere and ambiance in which you are going to spend every day.

With custom home builders in Ridgeland, Madison, and Canton, you have complete control over every single aspect of the home. Placement of every minute detail belongs to you . A few benefits to building a custom home in Mississippi:

  • Self-expression through home details and design
  • Flexibility for family growth or change
  • Customized floor plans
  • Latest and greatest technology built right into the home
  • Eco-friendliness and energy efficiency
  • Custom appliances
  • Location and size
  • Choice of building materials and materials throughout the house
  • Designed around your family habits and activities
  • So much more!!

When it comes to adding the perfect house to the perfect property, a custom built house is the golden ticket.

Madison, Ridgeland, Canton Mississippi Custom Home Builders

The beauty of custom home builders in Canton MS and the surrounding area is to take care of every detail from start to finish, so you can relax and focus on the thrill of planning your home. Mayfield Homes is a custom homes builder in the Madison MS housing market. Home builders MS means that: spec and custom houses, from simple yet elegant ranches, to sprawling luxury villas and handsome colonials. Experts in residential and commercial construction, dirt work, land clearing, and any other property improvements, for the project. Simply start with the plot of land you love and then build away! 

Custom Home Builders Near Me

If you love the great Magnolia state and are searching for the ideal spot to build your dream home is a sure bet. Specializing in Madison MS custom homes, Canton MS custom homes, custom built homes in Ridgeland MS, and the surrounding area. Mayfield Homes builds custom homes in Mississippi, providing every nuanced detail that makes a home uniquely yours.

The Review

We had quite the experience working with Jared Mayfield. As of the time of writing this, we are 18 months into the process of building a custom home. This story should be a warning to anyone who is considering building a house.

Be prepared for the custom home building process to take over your life, cause incredible amounts of undue stress and so much more…

Here is our recounting of events from our perspective, the client, homebuyer and current owner.
When we decided to move, we thought we would just buy a home that was 75% done and put the finishing touches on it. This is 100% what I would recommend.


Budgets mean absolutely nothing to anyone in the building process except the homebuyer. In our experience the subcontractors will rarely be on budget, and consistently be over budget with little explanation.

For example, our total budget was over by $60k and that is without putting in things like the bonus room, fireplace logs, screened porch etc.

example 2: the dirt work for our house was over by $15k on a $20k estimate.

example 3: our countertops were quoted at $9,900 and in the end, we got an invoice for 13,650. (36%) higher than the estimate.

example 4: our first trim carpenter ordered, and ordered, and ordered, with seemingly no oversight or ability to tell us how much was being spent. Budget for trim: $14k actual cost… we still don’t know but at least $25k. We had very specific layouts drawn up for the cabinets… instead of making the build process easy, this only seemed to raise the price.

The 2 major problems: paint and trim work.

In Our Toolshed

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